“Five Must Have Ingredients To Building Your Online Business – FAST…”

What To Expect From This Report?

I know exactly what it's like to trawl the internet trying to find ways to make money online. Believe me, I have been there!

We all have our own reasons to want to make money online and after a lifetime working in my Property Maintenance Business, I was simply due a change. Not to mention my body was starting to complain. I dreamt about Time and Financial Freedom and ability to travel whilst working.
Whatever your reasons I’m guessing that you just like me have a burning desire to find a better way!
I hope to shed some light on how you can embark on the journey that has literally changed my life and the life of hundreds of students and friends.
I will walk you through the 5 ingredients (not secrets!) to a long-term and sustainable online business.

Literally, anyone who has the following 5 ingredients in place can succeed.

1. A Solid Business Model
2. A Sound List Building Strategy
3. A Working Marketing Funnel
4. Multiple Paid and Free Traffic Sources
5. Access to a Community and Mentors

I am not saying that you can not succeed if you don't have all five in place but I am saying that the most successful people I have come across have ALL of them in place.
So I will spend a few paragraphs on each of them to help you understand why exactly they are so important. Let's get started……

1. The Ultimate Business Model

There are many who claim that they hold the secret key to your financial freedom and online success and I am sorry to rain on your parade but I want to make sure you
understand there is NO 'secret shortcut push-button solution' to making money online.
There is though, good information and education that can help you avoid many of the pitfalls and shortcut your learning. Learning what exactly?
Building an online business. A real business but with the great advantage of being online, which means easily scalable and high margins and low setup cost.
So when I talk about the ultimate business model, I want to share what I believe is a solid and safe mix of income streams you should be looking to build. Most likely you
will have NEVER heard or read this before, because it is not common knowledge.
It is the perfect mixture of recurring income, affiliate income (or joint venture income) and high ticket income all in one model.
So let's delve into this formula:
You might have heard the terms before, but you need ALL three in your business and I want to share how you can do this using a model like MOS or
Leadsleap to name my top two products. There are many more. Just ask.

Residual Income (or recurring income)

I love this one, as this comes every month without you having to do anything. Once you are set up, of course. Are you paying your mortgage or rent on a standing order or your mobile phone bill or electricity?
That is the same thing. These companies discovered residual income a long time ago and you pay every month to keep their services (or avoid being cut off….
In the online world, YOU can get paid residual income month on month by simply referring people to a membership site or recurring billing programs like an autoresponder
or hosting. Literally, anything that pays you monthly or regular commissions!
Let's use a simple example to illustrate this. If you introduced 50 people to a program that pays $20 commission a month, you would be getting $1,000 a month after
month, as long as those people are happy customers! Cool? That brings me to a very important ingredient - the HAPPY customer. Most people don't stay forever and the length
of their membership is called 'stick rate'. So if you choose to refer a product or service, make sure it is one with a good 'stick rate', simply meaning people like it, get great value
and stick around!

High Ticket Income

These are products or services that pay in excess of $1,000 per sale. (Wow!).
What I mean is that you don't need to create your own product at all. If you don't want to, maybe never. There are actually a lot of advantages in promoting someone else's product.

1. No Worries About Fulfilment
2. No Worries About Support
3. No Worries About Creating The Product
4. No Worries About Payments

By just making one sale a month, you would be earning $1,000! Some months you will be making two or three sales, some months only one. At this stage, you might not know of
any product or service that would pay you a $1,000 commission - but believe me, they are out there and many of them pay actually multiple thousands of dollars (I know!!!).
You might be wondering if there is actually anyone out there spending thousands of dollars on a website buying stuff?

The answer is: Of course! Hundreds and thousands of them.
So let me ask you: making $1,000 a month from recurring income and another $1,000 from just one high ticket sale, would that make s difference to your life? Of course it would.
Remember this is on top of what you are already earning - and with hardly any cost of making those extra sales, this is spending money.

This is not all though…

Joint Venture or Affiliate Income

This is the easiest money you will ever make, but let me just say that you will need to build a list of prospects before this is available to you.
A friend and internet business owner sells a cool software for $997 and I really wanted my list to be able to get their hands on it. He only offers it to a limited amount of people, so
I send three emails to my list telling them about a webinar (like a seminar on your computer) where they would be learning about this software.
About 400 turned up and almost 70 bought (a 17% conversion rate), making a handsome $35,000 at 50% commission with minimal work! Cool!
Of course. Just a word of caution. This was an exceptionally successful example and not typical.
Let's say you offer someone's product or service that sells for $397 and you get 50% commission you only need to make 5 sales to make another $1,000! If you convert at 17%
you'd only need 85 people on a webinar! Do you think that you could learn to do that? Of course you could!
So you see, by having multiple streams of income - importantly different types of income - you can pocket thousands extra per month.
In this example, $3,000… would that make a difference to your life? Of course, it would!
The best thing about all this is that you can learn the skills of marketing while you earn!
This will not occur overnight but many students achieved considerable success over just a few months and were able to pack in their 'beloved' day jobs or change
their lifestyle by adding thousands to their monthly income. 🙂
A couple of caveats. This doesn't work in all markets, but if you follow the teachings, I can make sure you choose one that works. The cool thing (and important thing) is that
all these income streams occur at the same time selling to the same list of people in one single market!
Internet marketing is one of the best markets to be in. There is an incredible amount of people getting started every day and you can take advantage of this.
At this stage, you might be just wondering how to get started? Feel free to just click on the link at the bottom of this page, but keep reading, as this is just the first ingredient to
your success. I am sure you now understand why this business model is superior to the idea of building your own product and trying to sell ebooks on dog training.

2. List Building Strategy

If you have been interested in making money online for any length of time you will have heard the saying: the money is in the list…that is not strictly true. If that was so,
you could get the phone book out and there is your list!
What's wrong with this picture? They don't know you and you don't know what they want. So, to be able to 'monetise' your list you have to have a relationship with your list.
You have to have what they want. Solutions to their problems and answers to their questions, tools or services to improve an aspect of their lives.

To build a list you need a couple of things....

1. Autoresponder Software.There Are Plenty To Choose From, But If You Are
Getting Started Today, Go Here.
2. Something Cool You Can Give Away In Exchange For Your Prospects Email
Address. A Report Like This One Or a Free Marketing Course like MOS and that's about it…

Let's look at how to set this up and how the best in our industry are making tons of money by doing this the right way. In essence, build a list of highly targeted prospects. You build rapport and trust and make a great offer for a product that is of high value. Then you sell more related products or services further down the line, creating what we call 'LTV' - lifetime customer value.

Let's put some more meat on the bone and avoid some of the biggest mistakes that are being made out there. (It's frightening how many people get this wrong).

1. You Have To Be In A Market Where People Are Actually Buying Stuff - Remember You Want To Make Money!
2. They Have To Actually Want Or Need What You Are Selling - Otherwise They Won't Get Their Wallets Out.
3. You Have To Be Cool With Them And Provide Value - Otherwise They will Go Somewhere Else.

I have known people who have massive lists and make hardly any money - if you check the three points above you will find exactly why that is the case.
So how do you know when you are in a hot market? Because people in these markets are proven buyers and hyper-responsive. Examples of hot markets are making money,
dating and weight loss. There are a few more but what all of these have in common is a burning desire to change the situation people are in. If you are broke and want to make money if you are fat and want to lose weight if you are alone and want to be in a relationship.
Of course, there is a massive health market, where people are ill and want to be well. I personally LOVE the Making Money Market!
Let me give you some basics on products. Firstly nothing happens until a product is sold. There are specific routes for you to make money. Selling your own product (has its
advantages but also drawbacks) or be an affiliate for someone else's (for newbies this is most definitely where you should start). There is a nifty trick that combines the two of them where you sell a product for someone but give away a bonus of your own product (even if it's a phone or video consultancy how to use the product!) to make your offer unique!
By the way, there are plenty of good products out there you can promote and you'll make a lot more money by focusing on marketing and selling rather than trying to come up with an amazing idea and a new killer product - especially when you are getting started.

Give away this report or try my Free Marketing Course.

Here are a few 'magic' questions you must ask before choosing a product to promote:

1. Are People Buying This Stuff Right Now? Not Last Year! This Market Moves
2. Are Promotors Spending Money Advertising These Products. If Yes - Chances
Are They Make Money From It.
3. Has The Product Been Selling For A Long Time? If Yes, Chances Are It's A
Kind of 'EVERGREEN' Product.

Let me give you some promoting truths…

Most people will NOT buy your stuff (or anyone's stuff) the first time they see it - especially in high ticket businesses, this is good and bad news! Bad news because it means you have to follow up and follow up and follow up again, talking to your prospects for possible weeks or months (not to worry - you can automate it!). It's good news though, as MOST marketers and online business owners don't do this simple step. I don't know if they are just lazy or can't be bothered or don't get it. The fact is you won't have a lot of competition if you follow up well.
I can assure you that the BULK of money you will be making from your subscribers and customers will be from follow-up communication over time…So - follow up, persistence pays! You don't need a huge list to make big money! In fact, some of my friends have small lists but these are buyers of high ticket products! You do the maths! I'd rather have 1,000 buyers on my list who buy $3,000 products and 100,000 freebie seekers and tyre kickers!

So it's Quality over Quantity every time!

1. Find Something Of Value To Give Away That Helps Your Market.
2. Offer It For Free In Exchange For Their Name and Email Address.
3. Rinse And Repeat.

Although this sounds almost too simple to be true, the reality is that most people don’t have enough good free stuff to give away and don't know how to build that list-building page also known as a squeeze page. If you are ready to start, Go Here.
So here are some reasons why so many people never build a list.

4 Reasons Why People Don't Build a List

1. They don't want to buy traffic

This is obvious, but as most people can't see the long term potential of building a list and are short of cash when they get started, they don't invest in buying traffic (or don't know
how to).  The key is to re-invest much of any early profits back into marketing, buying traffic and building your list of buyers.
There are a few simple metrics to learn like cost per lead and cost per conversion and cost per sale, but once you know your numbers, you can buy as much traffic as you can
get your hands on, as you know from your testing that you are making a profit.
A word of warning though - buying traffic without knowing your numbers can cost you a fortune. Unless you know what you are doing it’s money down the drain.
Join this FREE platform to build your squeeze page and track any traffic. A must in my opinion and this platform also has an Autoresponder. If only I had known about this when I first started, I would have saved so much time. JOIN HERE

2. They don't know what to give away.

With all the moving parts to making money online newbies are often stuck with 'what to give away' in exchange for an opt-in.
It’s hard for people to produce a free report or valuable Bootcamp or something else.
Here is the encouraging truth though: don't bother.
Just give away someone else's stuff. Like this report you are reading this report helps them to build their list, not mine! 

3. They don't know how to turn prospects into buyers.

Even if you manage to get people on your list giving away a free report or Bootcamp or software (most never get that far) - most won’t buy what you have to offer.
Let me be more precise.
Most people don't have a good offer anyway and they don't know how to present it. Most importantly they don't follow up. You may have heard different statistics on how
many times you have to contact people before they buy and all that.
Let me be clear. Only 2 or 3% of people buy when you talk to them the first time. So 97% are on your list and if you don't follow up (I suggest thirty times at least!) you leave money on the table.  The money is in the list, but you have to get it out of your list into your pocket!
Thirty times? You might be thinking I’m nuts but let me enlighten you to the fact that not every email you send will be opened, not every email that is opened will be
read, and even if they read it, they might not click on the link… and even if they make it to your page, most won't buy!

4. They don't know how to set it up

I’ve heard many reasons or excuses but this is actually quite a good one. There is technical stuff involved in setting up on the internet that you will not have learned at school
or at work so far. However, there are many amazing tools available to you.
You can create blogs, landing pages and sell stuff with just a few clicks! If you know how to copy and paste and use a word editor like Microsoft Word or similar - you're set.
You can also outsource to someone local or to a low price economy like the Philippines or India. Very skilled people will do your work for just a few dollars.
No need to do this alone. I outsource all the time. Don’t be a hero, find some willing folks to ease your pain.
I am not technical and rely on all kinds of people to get my money machines built and I suggest you focus on what you are good at or love doing and outsource the rest.
So in essence there are just two kinds of traffic - paid traffic and free traffic.
Be aware though that free traffic normally has its own cost through time investment or contractor outsourcing cost. E.g. if you pay someone to do backlinking or article marketing (classified as free traffic sources) you will have to pay for someone to get this work done.

The Client Journey

So let me break down the journey of a client into some simple steps....

• Traffic Turns Into Leads (when They Opt-In)
• Leads Turn Into Buyers (when They Buy Your Offer)
• Buyers Turn Into Repeat Buyers (when You Offer Them Another Product Or

If your numbers add up and you make more than you spend then you have a business -congratulations. You can automate most of this stuff, so becoming time rich and wealthy
should be a doddle!

Let's Do Some Maths

You get 1000 visitors to your site and pay 10c per visitor. This will cost you $100.
From those 1000 visitors, 20% or 200 will opt-in to your lead capture page which gives you 200 prospects or leads. The cost per lead is therefore 50c.
Now that you know that a lead costs 50c you need to know how many leads you need to make a sale.
Let's say that 10% of your leads (that is 20) end up buying your offer and you make $20 per sale (there are hundreds of offers that pay this or more!). This means you will have
made $400! This could be a recurring sale like access to a membership site.
Let's take out the cost of our traffic, which was $100 and you end up with $300 profit. As I mentioned, this could be recurring commissions and you only paid for the traffic once,
you are nicely in profit….

Here comes the cool part!

You have another 180 prospects on your list who haven't bought - YET. They might not
like the product you have on offer, so here are some strategies to make more money from
your list.

1. Offer Them Something Else (I Know - It's Not Rocket Science).
2. Ask Them What They Want and Then Sell It To Them.

Many people will buy later - a lot later! Some of my clients have been on my list for years! 'People buy when they want to buy, not when you want to
sell!' So keep offering. It's all automated in your autoresponder software, so there is no sweat once it's set up.
This is just good old-fashioned marketing. A good offer to a hungry market well presented and nicely followed up. Bingo.
One of the equations you hear mentioned a lot is that an average marketer makes a dollar per month per subscriber. From my experience it really is a good rule of thumb, so that will help you with your income goal, right? If you want to make $4000 a month, you will need a list of 4000 people in a good market and offer them some decent
If you master marketing, by the way, this one dollar could turn into 2, 4, 6 or even 8 dollars per subscriber per month! Wow! If I tell you now that I am pretty good at marketing
and I have a list of 20,000 people, you can make your own calculations!

How To Turn People Into Buyers

I hear this all the time and the simple rule is that your list has to know you, like you (that is optional) and trust you (at least a bit). If you crank out sales emails every day and 'burn'
your list as we call it, you will only upset people and they will leave. So I'll let you into a little secret. People like to buy from people that are like themselves or that they can relate to or aspire to. So tell them about yourself! Personal branding is important.
Give value! I teach my students to stick to a simple ratio of 3:1, meaning give Value, Value, Value and then make an offer. Rinse and repeat. Value, Value, Value, and pitch.

Here are a few tips

1. Stand out. Dare to be different and find your own style or voice. I get so many emails that read and sound the same. Boring with a capital B. Rise above the
2. Give value. That is a no-brainer. The law of reciprocity states that if you give you will receive, sooner or later. Give away your best stuff and then make on offer. People will think "if his free stuff is that cool how good must the paid stuff be"? This report is free and of good value. I bet you're thinking just that! At least I hope so......
3. Here is a 'sales' technique that really changed my bank balance. You see, most people hate selling and hate being sold to, including me. Once I decided that my job was to help people make a decision to want my stuff, as I know what the information or product can do for them, I started selling a lot more. I didn't try to convince them, I just wanted to help them make a decision - to buy or not to buy!
4. It is sad to see that most people have so little imagination. They send an email, then they send another email, then they send another email. Hello! Why don't you mix it up a bit? Send them a video, send them a link to an audio, a pdf, a free report (like this one), yes and send them emails, but not just emails. I promise you your communication will be more engaging and reaching more people if you use different media.

3. The Marketing Funnel

Before we even talk about the funnel, let me talk to you about the 4 stages of your client. Everyone goes through at least the first step, many to step 2, many to step 3 and
some to step 4 and it lies in your hands to help people along the journey. By the way, everyone travels at their own speed through those four stages.

Stage 1: Suspect

When people come across you or your site for the first time, they will be sceptical. That is very human and justified. They don't know you and have heard all the horror stories!
From identity fraud to cloned credit cards. Scam and spam! Buyer beware! So it's your job to put them at ease.
How? Here are a few tips. Show an address on your site, give them contact details, have a photo or even better - video - on your site, have a clear no-spam policy on your
opt-in page. All this will help. Have testimonials of other people bigging you up. If your offer is good, they'll trade their email address for your 'secret'! Some of my best pages
convert at over 50%, meaning one in two people landing on the page leaves their details!

Stage 2: Prospect

Ok, they joined your list. What to do next. Offer them something straight away, try to make a sale. Most will say no, but you have to make the offer. In the industry, we call it
the OTO, 'one-time offer' that helps people to make a decision there and then. Then give them value and build trust. This might take some time, so don’t rush but be persistent.

Stage 3: Customer

Once they buy, move the customer to a new list. Stop sending them ‘prospect' messages. Most autoresponders allow you to have some sort of automation that takes people from one list to another when specific events (like a sale) occur. What to do next? Offer them some more stuff. There are many different strategies you can employ, from one-click upsells to bundle offers, but in essence, you want to seed the next sale.
Make sure that every product you promote or sell is a standalone product, and upsells are supporting or next-level products. If you sell something and then tell your customers it
will only work if they buy another product you will upset them. I always offer related upsells.

Stage 4: Evangelist

We are entering the space of religious emotions and spiritual connection. Fans, evangelists, hyper-active buyers. Some of your customers will be just that. They are
amazing! They will sing your praises, buy all of your products. They love what you do and love what you stand for. They promote your stuff and come to all your events. If you have them on your list and in your business, you have done a lot of stuff right. Evangelists have to be earned, they can't be bought!
Brands like Apple have raving fans as customers, including me! This is what your product or brand should aim to be.

The Traditional Marketing Funnel

The traditional marketing funnel is where you offer your prospects something of value to them for free (like a video Bootcamp series or a free report like this one) in exchange for
their email address. Over the past years, we have seen a trend where the 'free line' has been moved – meaning that more and more value is offered for free upfront. Your job is then to build a relationship and trust so that your prospects make that all-important first buying decision.
In the past, that has been the $27 ebook or similar. Because of people's skepticism and reluctance to make that crucial first purchase, marketers have come up with more and
more incentives to help make that buying decision. Discounts, bonuses, trials and one-time offers help make that first decision. These 'ethical
bribes' help your customers to find out more about you and test your product.
The logic of a funnel suggests that as products get more involved and expensive, fewer people will buy them and customers kind of qualify themselves as they move through the
funnel. It is of utmost importance that you ALWAYS ask for the sale and ALWAYS offer the next step. Some of your clients will take you up on it, many won't. The money and profit in your business will most likely come from a small number of customers that buy your higher-level products like home study courses or workshops or coaching programs.
Marketing funnels are not restricted to online businesses and the supermarkets 'try before you buy' or 'bogof' (buy one get one free) or 'special offer expiring soon has driven
many of us to make our first purchase of a product or service with the hope of repeat purchases.

Tony Robbins, Marketing Funnel

Let's look at a practical example of a funnel by examining a part of Tony Robbins' business:
Many people come across Tony Robbins first through infomercials on TV or through his books. They sit at the top of his funnel, making it easy to 'try Tony' at low risk. If you like his books, you might end up buying one of his audio courses for $97 or so. If you like them, you might consider spending $800 on attending a 4-day workshop – 'Unleash The Power Within' (UPW). At the brilliant life-changing workshop, Tony will offer his 'Master University'at $8,000 and there is also a stand with an application for his $80,000 Platinum Partnership. Do you want more? Tony offers $1,000,000 private coaching!

4. Paid and Free Traffic Sources

In a recent survey, I asked subscribers what they believed was stopping them from making money online. The results were clear: Traffic was number one. Now I don't
want to argue with 1,897 people who answered 'traffic' but I want you to consider that traffic by itself is not much worth to you unless you send it to a tested good 'conversion

Traffic Fundamentals

So let's get on to talk about some traffic fundamentals.

First of all, I would advise you to 'go where the market goes'. This might sound quite simple but is pretty profound. When you look at the world's most visited sites like Facebook or Youtube you already have millions of visitors searching for content and information. It makes perfect sense to exploit the traffic by supplying content – in the example of Youtube we can offer content to solve problems or answer questions in specific niches or for specific key phrases – a combination of keywords like 'free traffic using Facebook'.
The next tip is not so much a traffic tip, but a niche market tip. Go after 'deep markets'. Deep markets mean that customers in that market are prepared to potentially spend a lot
of money over a long period of time.

Examples for deep markets are making and investing money, diets, losing weight and optimal health and nutrition and so on. Shallow markets
are for example 'getting rid of moles in your garden'. Although there is a problem to be solved, it is a one-time problem and has not really got a 'deep funnel'.
Traffic is nothing without conversion. Making money online is a game of two halves. Traffic and conversion. So driving traffic is fine, but without a good conversion environment in a deep market, it's a waste of time.

I’ve known marketers who have wonderful ideas for websites or bought domains thinking it will make them rich. There are only a couple of core markets where the majority of money is made. Until you make some money, spare yourself the experiments!
I go where the market goes, if we have a deep market, we have a good conversion environment.
I recently heard a successful marketer say that 'if your offer is good, traffic is not a problem'. Interesting, as traffic is the number one problem in most people's minds.
Lastly, I want to point out the small distinction of 'targeted traffic' as the basis for your success. Let me give you an example. If I sent you 1000 hungry vegetarians to your Steak
House, how well will you sell? I guess we both know the answer!

In internet marketing I see the exact same mistake being made again and again. Un-targeted prospects are being sent to unclear offers and people are surprised at their poor conversions.

Free Traffic Methods

The following list is not complete and only scratches the surface of what is commonly classified as 'free' traffic – but it is a good overview. First, let me say that 'free' traffic is
never free, as it involves time or people to generate it.
The last few years have seen an explosion of 'Social Media' and unless you have been hiding under a rock you will have seen the Facebook and Twitter revolution. These
tools are not easy to monetise but are great for building a personal brand or connecting with your list. I have found that using these channels to get people to webinars is one of the best ways to build a list and sell without selling. Generally, people on Facebook and Twitter are there for 'social' reasons, hence the word 'social media’. Of course, it follows that the traffic fundamental is to go where the traffic already is. YouTube is the major player in video hosting and has proven to be great at driving traffic to websites and consequently sell, as video is a great way to share information and build trust.
I always get people rolling their eyes when I mention SEO and normally people have preconceived ideas that SEO is very difficult and tricky – a dark art and secret science. Let
me simplify SEO for you.

It has two components – on-site or on-page factors (this is stuff you can do on your sites like header tags and keywords and page title) and off-site or off-page factors. Off-site factors are pretty much 'backlinks' – meaning a link back to your site from another website. The more the merrier and the more traffic to your site the better. The logic is clear. If people link to your site it must be good!
For this report, this is all I want you to know. Maybe one more thing.

Every SEO firm will promise you your site will be on page one of google. That is obviously not possible, so before you get excited, ask for which 'keyword or phrase', 'how long it will take' and 'how much regular maintenance will be required'. Every expert worth his salt will tell you that competitive keywords will take months to rank for and there is ongoing work required.
Affiliate traffic is in a way a free traffic source, but depending on your arrangement you 'pay' either in commission per lead, per sale, or in a reciprocal email to your list. I
personally like joint venture and affiliate traffic, as I can leverage the relationship the list owner has with his subscribers which results in a more responsive prospect.
Article marketing, writing keyword-rich articles and publishing them on places like Ezinearticles or Articlebase can get you a good, long-term flow of targeted traffic. Some of my students specialise in this strategy and are able to generate hundreds of visitors to their sites.
Blogging (from the word weblog) is where you can generate traffic from readers following your online diary or reviews, documenting your journey. Links from your blog can be affiliate links to products or services.
I would always recommend that you choose one traffic method first and master it. If you love writing, article marketing will be a more logical choice for you than video marketing.
You get the idea!
Once you have a few under your belt, there are obvious connections you can use like linking from your blog to your video or from your social media to your blog and so on. In
the not too distant future, you might outsource much of it to a low price economy like the Philippines or India.

Paid Traffic Methods

Again, this list is by no means comprehensive or complete, but it gives you an idea of some of the 'instant' traffic sources available to you.
First up is PPC, or 'Pay Per Click', and as the name suggests, it is a method where you pay per click you generate. The most prominent player is google with its Adwords
program, there are many others. Bing and Taboola to name just two. It’s a science in its own right and you have to know what you're doing. Beware smart campaigns with Google.

These are controlled by Google and can cost you a fortune. Start manually and build your skills and understanding first.

Facebook is not just the world's busiest playground for social media, they also offer a pay-per-click program.
Banner advertising allows you to put your banner on specific sites that already have your target audience visits, and it is worth pointing out that Google also offer placement
image ads on websites of your choice.
You can also advertise with solo ads, very targeted.  Your ad will be sent to a list of people in your target market. This is much like a JV or affiliate marketing strategy but you only pay for the actual placement and not a commission of your sales. GO HERE for the No1 Solo Ads Site. 

If you are new to Solo Ads contact me first. I have a very simple Free lesson that will ensure you get the best from your ads.....

Affiliate and JV traffic is one of my personal favourites, as leveraging the trust my JV partner has built with it’s list gave me a great opportunity to talk to an appreciative and
open audience.

CPA or 'cost per action' or 'cost per acquisition' allows you to pay for leads or prospects.
There are many affiliates specialising in driving traffic and they are always looking for offers to promote. This is not a newbie strategy, as you will need to know your conversion
rate and lifetime customer value to pay for leads, not sales but if you want to learn more, check out Neverblue or MaxBounty, two of the world's largest CPA networks.

To get started, you will need some sort of database or list, but I have seen people offer their time or services to 'bribe' list owners to do JV's. Be creative, find out what they are looking for. Everyone has a price, everyone has a need.

Track and Measure (Analytics)

There is a little saying I ignored during my early years online – and I would love you to not do that. I don't know how much it cost me to ignore this rule, but I want to make sure you don't follow my example.

Here it is: You Can’t Improve What You Can't Measure!
Google Analytics is a free and a good solution to track your visitors and more. Watch a few youtube videos to get the gist of it. One of my personal favourites is Woopra. Woopra does live stats a lot better than Google, and who knows, you might get addicted to it like I was when I found the tool. I could see how many people were on my site at any one time, where they came from and how long they stayed.
Another great habit you absolutely must cultivate is split testing. In its simplest form, you compare the results of two pages, let's call them page A and page B and track which one
works better. You might compare a headline, price point, background colour, video and no video and so on…
Once you have a winner, try to beat the winner, gain control'. So over time, you get better and better conversion. Amazingly, the difference between losing and making money online can be in small differences along the journey from a visitor to a customer. Without measuring and split testing you will never know and never become as successful as you can be.
From Facebook and Social Media, Blogging, Article Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Video Marketing, PPC  and Solo Ads to some more obscure methods I want to empower you to send traffic to well-converting pages whatever your preference.

5. Peer Group, Mentors and Mindset

One of the most important parts of your future success will be determined by the peer group you hang out with and the mentors you choose to learn from.
I personally have spent many late nights alone trying to work things out for myself.
This is one of the reasons it’s important to focus on support, community, mentoring and coaching.
Join a private community where members help members and you can literally get answers to your questions instantly...
One of the challenges that most of us grow up with is an 'employee mindset' and it takes some effort and work to become an entrepreneur at heart. I also know that when you
get started in a new industry and learn new skills, you might not have the support from your partner or colleagues that you would want.
So without making this very complicated – the more different ways you have to get help – the better it is!
I have not shared much about myself, but I can positively say that learning Internet Marketing has completely transformed my life. I would like it to do the same for you.

To our success


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